In just under a few hours from Zagreb heading east, you will reach the amazing county of Osijek-Baranja. This area of Croatia is full of wine roads, agriculture, rich tradition and amazing Nature. Osijek is the 4th largest city in Croatia and has an old fortress which can’t be missed in the old town known as,Tvrda. Tvrda hosts many events throughout the year, so always be sure to see what is happening during your visit. Wine roads surround the small villages and traditional houses can still be visited where the wine is made and stored. Some houses have even transformed into tasting rooms. The oldest and largest wineries also are located in this county and have unique views of castles and the Danube River. Kopacki Rit Nature Park is full of more than 300 species of birds and other wildlife. You can take a boat tour through the park and enjoy the breathtaking nature. The Lipizzaner Stud Farm has two locations in Dakovo where you can see the horses take their morning run at Ivandvor or go into the city and see a touristic show. Throughout the county you will also find many small villages where you can explore castles and appreciate the Baroque and Tudor styles.


Where is it? Eastern Croatia, just under 3 hours from Zagreb.

How to get here? You can travel by train or by highway, but I recommend taking a car so you can be flexible to explore the county.

Best combined with: Vukovar-Srijem County and Zagreb County

Ashley’s favorite thing to do: Watch the Lipizzaner horses run early in the morning at Ivandvor.

Ashley Colburn

I’m Ashley, a TV producer and host from San Diego, California, however now I live half the year in my new home, Croatia.
I am a two-time Emmy award-winning TV producer and host and have traveled to more than 50 countries. I spend about 9 months a year on the road filming, but several of these months I am based in Croatia. I have two TV series that are airing around the world. In the USA you can watch “Takeoff with Ashley Colburn” on AWE and my other series “WONDERS” airs around the world.

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