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What to Pack

What to Pack For Croatia Croatia is a destination to visit year round.  While most just think of the country as a sun and sea destination in the summer, for me the spring and fall are the most ideal times to visit.  I also want to note that the Christmas market has been voted the top...

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Useful Phrases To Know In Croatia

10 Things To Know

10 things you need to know before traveling to Croatia 1.Know your geography As small as it may seem, Croatia is actually a pretty big and long...

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Useful Phrases to know in Croatian

Important Phrases

Important Phrases to Know When You’re in Croatia First of all, we need to address some letters in the Croatian alphabet. Č,Ć, DŽ, Đ, LJ, Š, Ž –...

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5 Helpful Hints

5 Things to Make your Life Easier in Croatia 1. Consider having a portable Wifi device Are you worried about roaming fees or not having Wifi on your...

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Where is Croatia?

Once a part of Yugoslavia, Croatia received its independence in 1991.  Croatia’s neighbors are  Slovenia to the north, Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia...

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How to get to Croatia

How to get there

How To Get To Croatia Sometimes determining your next travel destination can be determined by how long it takes to get there. Once you figure out...

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