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Cakovec is located just one hour north of Zagreb and is the perfect stopping point if you are traveling to nearby Hungary, Slovenia or Austria, or you are looking to...

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One of the most beautiful islands in Croatia can be found in the Kvarner Region in north of the Adriatic Sea. With four bell towers making up the unique old town, the...

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Rijeka is located just about one hour outside of the capital city of Zagreb and is the closest town on the Adriatic. With a rich maritime history, the positioning of...

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Sibenik is a city located in Dalmatia (coast of Croatia) surrounded with four unbelievable fortresses. The stone buildings, green shutters, and narrow alleys make this...

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Rovinj Video Guide Rovinj is located in the region that I live in, which means I am there quite a lot. I also told the media one time that it was my favorite city in the...

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Krka National Park

Krka National Park Video Guide One of the best things about this park is that it is so large and you really can feel like you are exploring. It is okay to get lost and...

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Vukovar Srijem County

Vukovar Srijem County Video Guide One of the reasons I am so in love with Croatia is because there are so many places that surprised me. In this county you find some of...

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Zagreb County

Zagreb County Video Guide While visiting the county you will really feel the warmth of Croatian people. They are so proud of their cultural heritage and the Turopolje...

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Advent in Zagreb

Advent in Zagreb Video Guide Personally, I think one of the best times to enjoy any capital city around Europe is during the winter. The cozy cafes, warm clothing and...

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Funny Cultural Differences

The most popular type of coffee to order in Croatia is an espresso or coffee with milk (pronounced: kava s’mlijekom). If you order Ice Coffee- it will be coffee with ice...

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